Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Two puppets, made by my students, portraying huge individuality.

Well, Louise and Pascale finished their puppets!
(Jackie, was unable to join us, so images of her puppet later).

The two puppet makers were in my studio for over 6 hours,
to work on the final stages of their puppets.
Adding hair, hat, paint, strings, and hang on crosses.
Both these puppets came together in the end through team effort.

I was in the studio on and off, and felt like a proud "Granny"
to see both puppets being walked into my house.
Their first steps into our world.

The finished puppets by
Louise Clarke and Pascale De Coninck
Both will add more to their work.
Louise's tree-lady, will be accompanied by a tree, of which the branches will move the puppet. Hopefully another collaboration with artist Dominic Fee.
Pascale's Puppet will be holding - and using- a bow and arrow. The mechanism to make this work, will have to be figured out after the bow and arrow are made.
But for now, these puppets are sharing their beauty, their individuality with us all.

What an amazing journey it was!

Thank you Louise, Pascale and Jackie for allowing me to be your guide.

I will write another post when the puppets are fully finished, as well as updates on Jackie's and Greg's Puppets. 
The distant learning class is continuing, and alway open to new students. Contact me to hear more about this. And the next studio class is starting at the end of November. Fully booked, but if you are interested in a course during 2018. Please contact me.

So beautiful!
Proud Mammies

Final touches
Beauty does not come without pain...
This is how my studio looked when I left for a rest

My amazing students cleared up the studio
after finishing their class. What a lovely surprise.
Both proud mammies brought in their 'newborns'
(as Anne Palmer called them.
Anne made a Japanese Dancer in my studio)
to show me, while I rested on the couch.

On another exciting note:
  • The Life Outside the Box puppet film will be screened at the Together! Festival of Disability Arts in London on the 9th December. Read about it HERE
  • And I have been invited to give a talk, and be part of a panel about puppetry, disability and health, at the Nottingham Puppetry Festival, in March of next year. And at the Puppet Power festival in Calgary, Canada in June.  Who knows!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Painting puppet heads

From left to right - puppet heads by:
Corina, Jackie, Pascale, Louise
They all have their story to tell!
Although we all started in the same way-
with a stick and strip of cotton -
the heads are taking on their individual character,
every single step of the process.
It was a day of painting at the studio last week.
One more step to bring the puppets - created by my students - alive

I am looking forward to see them all assembled and dressed and moving like puppets. Last class next Monday. So proud of what has been created.

In the meantime, Greg - my distant learning student - is working away of Johnny Toes, and even took up painting again, and baking, and playing music. Read his story HERE 

Further reading:
  • More about the Puppet making workshop, see HERE
  • More about my own puppets, see HERE

Sunday, November 5, 2017

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

'Reflection' puppets are ready to face the world

two puppets identically dressed sitting side by side by a window. Reflection puppet project by Corina Duyn
"Suddenly" my 'Reflection' Girls are done
(apart from attaching their strings to the crosses)
     naked puppet bodies. Reflection puppet project in the making by Corina Duyn
They went from this about 6 months ago
(one head made 4 years ago)...
partly painted heads and hands for Reflection puppet project in the making by Corina Duyn
to this...
partially dressed puppets for the Reflection puppet project in the making by Corina Duyn
to this...
partially dressed puppets for the Reflection puppet project in the making by Corina Duyn
to this...

Two identical puppets sitting in a plastic basket, waiting for their clothing to be made partially dressed puppets for the Reflection puppet project in the making by Corina Duyn
becoming impatient...
At every step in the making, painting, and dressing up, they took on more of their personalities.
They talk... or so it seems...

According to Christine Fenton, the girls are discussing travelling to the the screening of 
Unrest in Dublin. 
A film about the realities of life with ME
Screening at Trinity in Dublin 9th November
and also at the Cork Film Festival 19th November
and as far as I know it will also be screened in Galway. 

Unrest Showing in Dublin and at Cork Film Festival (words by Christine Fenton)

Further reading and links

Thursday, October 26, 2017

My heart leaps when I think of these incredible creative moments.

Once a week, my studio is alive.
More alive than it has ever been since it was build six years ago.
I get there when I can, 
but since I started teaching...

There is laughter.
There is chat.
Creative Silence.
And wonder.

So much wonder.

I watch in awe as the puppet characters come to live 
from a piece of clay, 
through the hands of their makers.

I know this is not always an easy process.
It requires patience.
And trust.

Trust to let the creative process happen.
To let the puppet arrive, 
not always as the maker had anticipated.

The key is to let it happen.

Such joy when it DOES happen.

My heart leaps when I think of these incredible moments.

Here a brief introduction to the makers and their puppet heads in progress:
Pascale De Coninck, Jackie Flynn, Louise Clarke in my studio, 
and Greg Crowhurst via distant learning. 
(Who also joins us when possibly via video link during the Monday class)

The studio-students are almost ready to paint their puppets.
The heads are made, the hands are almost finished. 
The bodies are being assembled. 
The clothing designs discussed and fabric gathered.





The three studio-students keep on working, 
when I retreat to my house to rest. 
But I relish in seeing them through the window.
And hear the sounds.

My studio is a happy place.

Thank you all!

*I was recently interviews by Stephen from Puppet Place in Bristol- 
on how I came to be a puppet maker, and teacher.
See this link: Puppets And M.E.

* If you like to book a class...

  • The next class of three students is fully booked.
  • But I am taking bookings for 8 week studio-based-class starting in March 2018.
  • Or if you like to do a distant learning course, that can start any time. I supply most of the materials, step by step guidelines, as well as several online tutorials. 
  • Have a group project in mind?
  • For further details on all these options, please contact me.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Puppets

Puppet making has its very cruel moments. No doubt about that. 
But Ciara C.  gave me the dubious title as "Puppet Serial Killer" recently. 
I wonder why? :-)

The 'girls' of the "Reflection" project  seem to be ok with their treatments.
two puppets in the making- Reflection Project by Corina Duyn
They seem happy!

Well, yes, I can kind of see where Ciara got the idea...

In my defence... it IS easier to put the hair on when the
heads are not attached to the bodies.

Defence no2: What else can I do, when the neck of one
puppet is longer than its mirror image.
I think I am more of a 'putting them all together again'  kind of maker...
No more Puppet Cruelty. 
I promise.

And if there is, I will given 'the girls' the contact details of the ISPCP
(The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Puppets)

two puppets in the making- Reflection Project by Corina Duyn
The girls are now deciding on the next stage of their clothing.

For information and images about my puppet MAKING classes, either in my studio in Lismore, Ireland, or via distant learning, please see THIS post